App47's new features in 2019

As we continue to close in on the final days of December, we thought that now would be a great time to look back over the past year.

With 2019 drawing to a close, we all have a huge smile on our face as we think about what we’ve achieved and delivered this year.

We’re particularly proud of the new features App47 released this year. Here’s a list of just a few:

  • Cloud app wrapping, which is now easier than ever thanks to a secure, quick, and seamless process that’s all done via the cloud. Cloud-based app wrapping simplifies deployments while still maintaining tight security controls.
  • Advanced app-level security. Originally discussed via a webinar this April, App47 offers security at the app level via MAM. As we discuss in the linked video, a MAM approach offers advanced security features without the hassle of MDM.
  • New features in the Enterprise App Store, including a handful of new ways for users to organize their stores, and for IT administrators to make it easier than ever for users to find the apps they want and need.
  • New App47 platform features. From Time Bomb (which enables administrators to trigger automatic data wiping when a user’s access patterns don’t fit a specific profile) to new build notifications (which simplify the development process for admins), we continued to update the App47 platform throughout the year.

While we’re always happy to show off our continued hard work to make App47 better than ever, 2019 was also great year for adding customers, employees, and of course, a handful of funny photos from the company picnic. (Sorry–those are now company confidential!)

Stay tuned later this month as we turn our gaze towards 2020 and the many great new adventures ahead for App47.

Photo by Kalle Kortelainen on Unsplash