We’re pleased to announce that we’re releasing a few new features this week!

We discussed a few of them earlier this summer, but here’s a quick rundown of the changes:

  1. Time bomb. In summary, time bomb allows you to set a few different security policies, including, for example, limiting the app’s usage to specific hours or days of the week. Also on the list of possibilities are an expiration for the app (e.g., it can’t run after July 31, 2019), and preventing the app from running and/or wiping the app if it isn’t checking with App47 to ensure user credentials are up to date.
  2. App Store UI improvements. Users can now select their starting page; if a user wants their app store to always open to the updates page, they can do so. Also, users will now be notified when a device is added to their account; this is an additional security measure to help users keep track of their devices, and get a notification to see if something is out of the ordinary.
  3. 2 new build notifications. Finally, we’ve added two new notifications to the build process: 1) if the build fails to process, the app admins for that build will be notified, and 2) if the build completes processing, but is not set to activate, admins will be notified of a build waiting for activation. Both of these new notifications can be turned off for individual members if they don’t wish to receive these emails.

As always, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve the App47 platform. If you have a suggestion that would make your life easier, check out our feature requests page for an easy way to submit suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!

Photo by Jungwoo Hong on Unsplash