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Onboarding, Adoption and Monetization of the connected machine

App store and app policy enforcement that make solutions work

Services to ensure a successful launch of your product

Taking your healthcare devices digital with the security and peace of mind you need

Securing the delivery of mobile apps to an ever more diverse audience

The Embedded App Store

App47 is the leading provider of app management for connected enterprise devices. From construction to healthcare, our product is a complete Mobile Application Management solution.

What is The Embedded App Store?

Today, Mobile Application Management (MAM) has moved far beyond personal phones and tablets. Commercial grade connected devices are transforming how organizations think about product lifecycles and the devices their customers use to control them. These connected machines are found in hospitals, on farms and construction sites; anywhere a customer interacts with a commercial device. App47, the leading provider of enterprise Mobile Application Management, enables organizations to launch world class solutions to support the onboarding, adoption and monetization of the next generation connected machine.

The Connected Machine

Today, companies are shifting the user experience for their products from a traditional customized LED screen that controls a machine to a hardened Android based device. App47 provides the enterprise app store and app policy enforcement layer needed to make the solution work.

Mobile App Management

Companies need to secure the delivery of mobile applications to an ever more diverse audience. This includes employees, customers and other constituents where the device cannot be controlled by the enterprise. App47 can provide the management and security you need to launch a successful mobile app offering.


Our real-world experience gained in working with our customers can provide best practices to your team to ensure a successful launch of your product.

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App47 is a leading provider of application intelligence for the mobile enterprise. Our cloud-based Mobile Application Management solution gives today’s mobile enterprises the power they need to optimize the mobile user experience. Only App47 delivers an integrated, lifecycle approach to help enterprises quickly and securely deploy, manage, and analyze enterprise mobile Apps—without compromising the privacy of enterprise data.

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