The IT world is always eager to embrace emerging technologies and management frameworks. That’s understandable—innovation is at the core of this industry.

But the constant desire to get our hands on the “latest and greatest” can easily lead us to get ahead of ourselves. Despite the constant deluge of new solutions, there are plenty of current, mature approaches that are well-suited to efficiently solve everyday business problems for large segments of the market.

This fact holds true in the enterprise mobility segment, too. Just last year, an industry CEO suggested that MDM is a “thing of the past.”Others have argued that “Enterprise Mobility Management is dead,” and are pushing towards Unified Endpoint Management, or UEM.

This bias towards emerging tech makes it difficult to figure out what’s truly best for your business. On the one hand, we see commentary suggesting that without the newest technology, you can’t possibly be prepared to address the needs of your employees and customers. And yet, out in the real world, many companies are still operating without any enterprise mobility strategy at all.

How can IT leadership be expected to pick the right EMM solution when the goalpost always seems to be moving?

At App47, we have a simple answer: keep your technology tied to a practical business vision. If you know what your business is trying to accomplish, and why, it’s much easier to identify the best approach to enterprise mobility.

Just as emerging solutions like UEM have their place, so does a well thought out approach to MDM or MAM. These are all tools that solve specific problems, and these tools must be aligned with your organization’s goals in order to be effective.

MAM (Mobile App Management), for example, can still be effective despite some assertions to the contrary. While it’s not right for everyone, some companies do still need fine-grained control and security at the application level. Companies are rightly beginning to understand that picking the right approach for a business doesn’t always mean picking the newest technology.

That’s what we strive to deliver through App47: a comprehensive solution to a defined problem. We deliver data-rich enterprise technology services to mobile devices without sacrificing security, user experience, performance, or ease of management.

Is an app-centric approach the right framework for every business? Of course not. But it provides the core functionality needed to deliver a rich enterprise app experience across a variety of devices. With the right management tools, this solution can cover a huge set of potential use cases.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be exploring the essential strategic role of MAM in the enterprise, and how App47 delivers with a truly comprehensive solution. If you have questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

Photo by Chris Leipelt on Unsplash