When it comes to enterprise mobility management, not all solutions are created equal.

Part of the problem is that “enterprise mobility management” has come to encompass a diverse universe of problems–and tools. The other issue is that, despite what you’d think, many providers lack basic functionality that we think all customers should have access to.

But don’t just take our word for it. As CIOReview wrote last month, with an ever-growing number of enterprise mobility management solutions to choose from, you ought to look out for these features when doing your vetting:

  • Application management: Unsurprisingly, it’s absolutely essential that the solution you choose has robust app management capabilities. From more basic features like app curation and reviews to more advanced features like custom user app lists, this is the first thing you ought to look out for.
  • Content management: This collection of tools encompasses how you manage sensitive data, user access privileges, and other important security capabilities.
  • Analytics and intelligence: Apps in the workspace aren’t much good if you don’t have the ability to see how they’re being used, and by whom. A strong collection of analytics tools helps you make more from your enterprise mobility program and gives you critical insights to how your strategy is working.
  • Device and app lifecycle management: From app development to user onboarding to the ability to remotely wipe compromised user devices, this school of functionality is critical as you build out your mobility program and transition into a more developed phase of the process.
  • Service management: Finally, it’s essential that your enterprise mobility solution be easy for your admins to work with. End user experience is critical, but it’s just as important that your back-end team be able to easily configure your solution and resolve problems as they occur.

Of course, this isn’t a “one size fits all” list–but it should get you close. Just know that these features are a floor, not a ceiling. Products like ours go above and beyond these listed features and are customized to fit your needs and unique situation.

Either way, we agree with CIOReview: the features listed above are absolutely essential to any modern EMM solution.

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Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash