MAM Solutions

App47’s Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions give companies the power they need to optimize the mobile user experience.

MAM is the core of what App47 does and our MAM foundation consists of the following.

User and Group Management

Users and groups will define who has access to which applications and may also enforce security for your users at a device level for the mobile App. By managing the configuration groups for a specific mobile App in your account you can control users’ access to specific enterprise applications. A configuration group consists of an unlimited number of configuration items and a set of rules that make up the policy for the configuration group. Some common uses of configuration groups are for communicating with back end systems, UI A/B testing for a real time comparison of UI effectiveness, content updates, and feature enablement.

App management (meta data)

Part of the configuration options of the App47 MAM solution is to set up groups defined by its meta data, one or more configuration items and a set of rules that determine the policy of the configuration group.


App47 analytics reports can display the number of users for your app over a specified period of time. You can further breakdown the view by daily, weekly or monthly active users for the period specified. Additional data is available that paints a picture of your users by OS Version, Device Model, Platform, and Geo Location. Read more at Cleaning the Mobility House | Analytics Lead to ROI.

Crash Logs

For mobile app developers, few pieces of post-deployment data are as important as crash logs to see why and how frequently apps are crashing. The App47 crash logs make it easier than ever for people who use our platform to understand why their apps crash.

App Configuration

App47 configuration management allows you to update an app’s configuration files on a broad scale, allowing developers to take full advantage of the wide feature range that’s enabled by the update or change of an app’s configuration file. Read more at App47 Feature Series: App Configuration Management.

Audit Logs

Audit Logs are records that allow you to keep track of when members enter the system, and/or when API calls are made on your account.

SMTP and SMS notifications

App47 allows you to invite new users, notify users of new builds, or send device approval via email or SMS text. Simply enter your SMTP server and other information in the configuration setting to utilize these communications.

VPP and B2B Support

The App47 enterprise app store can be configured to support B2B apps, apps hosted in the iTunes app store that are downloadable via a iOS VPP redemption token.

Build Management

At App47, we’ve simplified the build management process. Once you’ve built your app and want to get it out to users or to testers, there are no complicated steps or confusing processes: you just go to our builds page, add your build and upload the file. Read more at App47 Feature Series: Build Management.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

The App47 platform supports LDAP, Active Directory, and Single Sign-On (SSO) for onboarding new users. Read more at Single Sign-On Comes to the App47 Platform.

Security Policies

Mobile enterprise application security is crucial. One of the primary purposes for mobile app management to exist is securing enterprise applications. It is not BYOD (bring your own device) that companies have a problem with, rather, their major concern is that applications are the best ways for hackers to gain access into company servers. Employees are not always fully aware of the nature of the danger while installing apps on their phones, and App47’s MAM solutions will help keep them secure. Read more at Identifying the Biggest Threats to Mobile Security.

One Platform – Two Models to Suit Customer Needs

The Embedded App Store

App47’s Embedded App Store provides app management for connected enterprise devices, from bull dozers to ultrasound devices. The App47 Embedded App Store is fully customized to into the company’s product suite with:

  • Dedicated Onboarding Support
  • Customized User Interface and Taxonomy
  • eCommerce: Provides both app and in app purchase with subscription management

Click here to learn more about the Embedded App Store.

The Enterprise App Store

App47’s Enterprise App Store provides mobile app management for companies with a diverse audience of employees or customers in a bring your own device (BYOD) environment where the device cannot be controlled by the enterprise. The App47 Enterprise App Store comes with:

  • Fast POC to deployment
  • Common brand-able User Interface
  • Multi-tenant environment

Click here to learn more about the Enterprise App Store.