As you probably know if you frequent our blog, we love to see new and innovative uses of enterprise mobility solutions in the workplace. 

Recently, less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier and logistics company Saia joined the long and growing list of companies using mobile apps to streamline workforce issues and harnessing technology to make processes more efficient. 

As Saia announced just this week, its new RouteMax mobile app, developed alongside LTL technology provider HaulSuite, is designed to improve the driver experience and simplify communications and management for truck dispatchers. The app provides optimized routes for drivers in the city—where Saia does a lot of its work—and also helps drivers and dispatchers keep in touch with customers, providing appointment time updates all along the way.

Surprisingly, the LTL trucking industry has taken quite a long time to get up to speed with modern technology. In fact, speaking with Transport Topics, a HaulSuite senior product manager noted that many drivers handle their daily goings-on with printouts or pen and paper. Not exactly high-tech! A mobile app seems like a great fit for this space. 

Other interesting uses of mobile apps in the workplace from this year include the U.S. Army’s “This Is My Squad” app, which helps squad leaders with human resources and management issues, and ArcGIS Field Maps, which gives municipalities and their various departments tools access to modern smartphone technology for map-based management needs.  

The opportunities afforded by enterprise mobile applications are truly limitless, so we are glad to see yet another great example of innovation in this space. We look forward to seeing how Saia’s new app helps them manage today’s complex shipping and logistics environment. If we had to bet, we’d say that their dispatchers’ and drivers’ jobs will be made much easier following this announcement! 

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