Just a couple of days ago, the U.S. Army launched a new mobile app for its Integrated Personnel and Pay System (IPPS-A).

It’s a great use case for enterprise mobility. According to the Army press release, soldiers now have the ability–via an Apple App Store app–to easily access their human resources system and manage pay issues. This December, about 1 million soldiers will use IPPS-A for talent management and HR, and this new mobile app will make the transition to the new system even easier.

We wrote about another app the Army launched last September to help squad leaders better connect with squad members and manage everyday tasks. That app, “This Is My Squad,” or TIMS, was designed to help leaders focus on the positive aspects of the lives of soldiers under their command. TIMS was well-received, and we’re glad to see the Army continue to invest in mobile apps to make everyone’s lives easier.

If there’s a takeaway here, it’s that your mobile apps don’t have to perform revolutionary functions. Often, simply providing a mobile platform for ordinary business tasks is enough to improve productivity across the board. We can’t wait to hear more about this new app–maybe it will even make you think more about your everyday tasks that could be made mobile!

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Photo credit: U.S. Army