Here on our blog, we talk regularly about the advantages of deploying mobile apps in the workplace: they help you meet employees where they are, they make your entire organization more productive, and they provide you with critical data about how people in your company are engaging with essential tasks, to name just a few benefits.

And yet, sometimes, it’s most helpful to look at specific use cases to better understand how mobile apps can be used to your advantage.

Today’s fun example of mobile apps at use in the workplace comes from the United States Army, which is developing a new mobile app to help leaders better connect with squad members and manage everyday tasks.

The “This Is My Squad,” or TIMS, initiative is meant to help leaders focus on the positive aspects of the lives of the soldiers under their command. Army leadership hopes that TIMS will do that by making it easier for leaders to get to know squad members on a deeper level, and for soldiers to take ownership and responsibility, ultimately laying the groundwork for an Army-wide initiative that focuses on eliminating practices that discriminate.

The Army’s new mobile app, the U.S. Army News Service says, will help them work towards those goals by putting a digital “leader’s book” right in the hands of squad leaders. All told, the Army hopes the app will provide a more convenient way for squad leaders–and their soldiers–to interact with one another and, when needed, access tools for counseling, training management, and sponsorship. While many of these tools are already available in other offline forms, the Army hopes that having them all in one place will provide a better channel to resources when they are needed.

Here at App47, not only are we happy to see a tool being implemented that will hopefully make the lives of our soldiers easier–we also think this is a great example of a longstanding organization using mobile apps to improve the lives of its people. We look forward to reading more about the app as it’s rolled out!

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Photo Credit: 2nd Lt. Kyle Hensley via U.S. Army News Service