Mobile Application ManagementThink you know it all about enterprise mobility? Think again.

All too often, we encounter IT leaders who haven’t taken the time to really consider how a proper enterprise mobility solution could help their business. In many of these cases, it seems that myths supersede fact.

Thankfully, when those folks dig deeper, they often realize how much they’re missing out on by not leveraging EMM tools within the workplace.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

In a recent article for Mobility Management Solutions Review, writer Daniel Hein takes a closer look at the five enterprise mobility myths he thinks are most pervasive in the industry (before subsequently debunking them). A few of the myths he pointed out stood out to us, including:

  • MDM invades employee privacy. No: MDM isn’t an excuse to spy on employee devices. While some MDM solutions (including App47’s) allow you, for example, to remote wipe data when security protocols are breached, they don’t look at users’ personal data. Security controls don’t have to equal a lack of privacy.
  • MDM isn’t necessary if you have a BYOD policy. As we’ve mentioned here before on our blog, while BYOD is a workable solution in some special cases, generally, it alone isn’t enough. As Hein notes, “it’s arguably even more important [to have MDM] if you’ve enacted a BYOD policy.” Reinforcing BYOD with MDM can help you keep things under control, while still maintaining the flexibility of allowing employees to use their own devices.
  • Small-to-midsize businesses don’t need an enterprise mobility solution. The last myth is one we’ve heard all too often: “I run a small business, so I don’t need an enterprise mobility solution!” Not only can enacting an enterprise mobility strategy help you track your employees’ devices–of which there are many, even at small businesses–it will also help you scale over time. While it may be the case that EMM need not be as robust at an SMB than a full-blown enterprise, that doesn’t mean you should try to get away with a cobbled-together mobility strategy.

We definitely recommend giving the full article a look, as we’ve heard many of the myths Hein describes in conversations with potential customers. Despite the fact that MDM and EMM have been around for some time now, unfortunately, there are still many misconceptions about enterprise mobility.

If there’s one takeaway here, it’s that EMM and MDM solutions are more flexible than you think they are. And, people are often surprised by how much they benefit from deploying an enterprise mobility solution in their workplace. We highly encourage everyone to dig deeper into what’s possible with EMM and MDM, as we think you’ll be surprised by what you find.

If you were among the people who believed some of these myths, fear not! It’s easier than ever to get started with an enterprise mobility solution that’s custom-tailored to your company’s individual needs. Want to get started? Schedule an App47 demo today.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash