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For the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing what MAM means in the enterprise and talking about the must-have elements of any MAM solution.

The final key element is security. Previously on our blog, we’ve devoted a whole series to mobile app security–it’s just that important.

In that series, we discussed capabilities that were recently made live on the App47 platform, including time bomb, geofencing, PIN codes, and a substantial change to our app wrapping functionality. Altogether, these features allow for even more secure deployments in a BYOD setting. These features went live in Q1 2019 and will have an immediate impact for your enterprise App Store today.

So: what’s the key takeaway here? In a BYOD environment, App47 allows you to securely deploy your applications to your employees, ensure that apps and data stay secure when run on mobile devices, and wipe data when a device is lost or compromised, or if the user leaves your organization. Your corporate data is secure at all times, all without MDM. 

For those unfamiliar with MAM, it can be surprising to learn that MAM security features enable it to be just as secure as MDM without the sacrifices required to make an MDM solution work. But we’re here to tell you today that not only is it possible, it’s often preferable.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series on how MAM works, and the App47 feature set. And of course, we also hope that you and your company will continue to be attentive to the security threats of today and tomorrow in the enterprise mobility space. For more about how we can help you do that, reach out to our sales team today to schedule a demo of App47.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash