We’ve spent the last couple of months talking about the gory internals of mobile apps: security, app shielding, re-signing–all done in the cloud. (Click here to see our previous posts on those subjects.)

That said, we’ve also been hard at work on an updated Enterprise App Store User Interface, or EAS UI V3. In addition to making the UI more customizable with your own colors, fonts, and images (think logos!), we’ve added some great new features to make it easier for your end users to find and install the mobile apps they need in your enterprise.

Here are just a few of those new features, and old features we’ve updated:

  1. Getting started: On the home page, the user is presented with a number of app bundles to help them discover new apps, starting with a “getting started” bundle. Using this new feature, administrators can mark certain apps in your app store as “getting started;” if the user hasn’t installed that app on his or her device, it will appear in the list until it’s installed, at which point it will be removed from the list. There’s also a convenient “install next” button that allows the user to quickly install three apps they need to get started.
  2. Upgrades: The “upgrades” bundle shows apps that have been installed on the device for which there is an update or upgrade available. Like the “getting started” bundle, there’s an “install next” button, and when there are no new upgrades for the user, the section will disappear.
  3. Featured: This long-standing capability of the App47 App Store allows you to flag apps as “featured,” putting them at the top of your users’ lists for discovery.
  4. Most downloaded: Aptly-named, the “most downloaded” bundle shows apps that have the highest number of downloads in your enterprise.
  5. Most frequently used: This section shows apps with the highest usage in your enterprise. Note: this does require our embedded agent to be installed to capture analytics.
  6. Highest rated: This section, unsurprisingly, shows apps with the highest rating.
  7. Recent updates: Finally, this bundle shows apps that were recently added to, or updated in, your store.

And that’s just the home page! These home page bundles are a great way to get your apps in the hands of users across your enterprise. We’re excited about the increased functionality provided by our V3 UI, and think you will be too.

Tune in next week for coverage of more new features in our EAS UI V3.