As we mentioned a few weeks ago on our blog, there’s still a place in the market for Mobile Application Management(MAM), despite the fact that newer approaches have come to market since MAM first came around.

In addition to the fact that MAM deployments still fit the vast majority of use cases in the enterprise, an additional benefit of MAM’s time in the market is its technological maturity today. At App47, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about everything a business might need to efficiently and effectively deploy an app-store-based MAM/EMM solution.

The App47 platform gives you access to everything you need for end-to-end mobile application management, starting with the onboarding process. It’s simple, can be self-service for your users, and ensures it’s easy to get employees or other constituents on the platform and using your apps.

Speaking of apps, App47 enables simplified app licensing (through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program), easy updating and version control, and quick scalability—it’s easy to expand your EMM strategy to more users as your business grows. With your own tailored blend of in-house and external apps, your users will get the right mix of tools to help them be productive.

All of this is managed through a streamlined system that makes it easy for you to set things up however you’d like. Whether you want to track the development cycle of an app you plan to launch soon, shut out access to employees who switch teams or leave the organization, or tweak which apps are displayed (and how) on your users’ home pages, everything is easy to do from right within App47.

Want to learn more about the multitude of features offered by the App47 platform? Get in touch with us today—we’d love to hear from you.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash