When we started our new feature series back in December with a blog post about our new API, we mentioned that we’d have just a few new features to give updates about. Initially, we said there were three updates.

But, after getting through a rundown of our brand new UI and a discussion of the addition of single sign-on, we’re pleased to continue the conversation and say that there’s one more feature we’ve added to the platform! The App47 platform now includes the ability to directly export account data.

With this new update, users can go into the platform, decide what they want to export—for example, information on apps, users, and members—and then generate a report to download as an Excel file. This is useful, we think, when you’re trying to answer questions like who’s been using your App Store, who has “too many” devices, how often apps are being used, etc. All that data is presented in a single spreadsheet that you can then repurpose and adapt in any number of ways.

A number of customers have asked for this feature, and we’ve reached a point in the year where we have time to work through our backlog and add in requested features like these. Customer feedback is extremely important to us, and we hope that updates like these are a sign that we’re listening.

We plan to add more functionality to the reports as time goes on—and we’ll post updates on the blog as we do—but think that this is a great place to start.

Have questions about the App47 platform, or this update? Have a specific request for a feature or function you’d like to see included in future updates? Leave a comment in the section below, or reach out to us via the contact page of our site. We’d love to hear from you!