Happy New Year!

Most people view the New Year as an opportunity to improve themselves in some way. That new diet, or exercise routine, or pledge to spend less time on social media always seems a little bit easier after the clock strikes midnight on January 1. We’re here to tell you that companies can do the same thing.

In all honesty, the improvements we’ve made to the App47 platform have been in the works for a long time now. (We talked just a couple of weeks ago about our APIv2.) Late last year, we also rolled out a change that we’re happy to share today: a new App Store UI.

When it was first released, the App47 App Store was modeled roughly around the Apple App Store (then iTunes) UI about five years ago. Of course, that UI has changed significantly since then, as have the UIs of similar app stores like Google Play. What we’ve done is taken a fresh approach to our UI using more modern technology that both gives our App Store a consistent feel and makes the discovery of apps much easier.

For starters, we’ve redesigned our App Store to use a navigation technique you’re probably already familiar with: the hamburger.


All your navigation in the App Store is done through that menu. Whether you’re trying to find apps by category, popularity, or name, all these common features are just a few clicks away. 

We’ve also made the App47 App Store reactive with a modern framework so it has a more consistent look and feel on tablets, phones, and more. No more messing around with clunky UIs on different devices; we’ve worked hard to create an experience that’s seamless across every device you use in the workplace.

The App47 App Store, as displayed on a tablet.

Finally, we’ve added a feature that many of our customers have requested: app reviews.

App47 customers have always had the opportunity for app ratings in the enterprise App Store. What we’ve added in this most recent update is more akin to iTunes, the Apple App Store, or Google Play. Users can rate and make a comment on that app, and other users can see an app’s overall rating, and rating by platform. This is a great way for developers to get direct feedback.


Administrators need not worry, either, as they can monitor comments and leave them, delete a review and/or adjust scores, or redact a review entirely. Since it’s your company App Store, you have the controls and the ability to make sure things don’t get out of hand.

It’s a New Year, and we’re pleased to share the news of our new App Store UI. With our UI uplift, reactive look and feel, and new app reviews, we hope we’ve made user experience much better all across the board. 

To get started or learn more about the new UI, click here. And, as always, don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or comments–we’d love your feedback!