If you want to know how best to position your company’s IT infrastructure to prepare for the workforce of tomorrow, it’s probably best to start by taking a closer look at the usage habits of the up-and-coming generation.

A new study by mobile app analytics provider, App Annie, does just that.

The study, “How to Build a Winning Gen Z Strategy on Mobile,” examines Gen Z, which recently surpassed millennials as the largest generation. According to App Annie, 98% of Gen Z’ers say they own a smartphone, receiving them on average at age 10. This generation is steeped in mobile app usage at an earlier age than any generation that has come before.

While the report is targeted primarily at consumer behavior, the data about app usage still provides some useful hints for companies pondering their mobility management strategies. According to the study, Gen Z’ers spend 10% more time using non-gaming apps than older demographics, and also engage with apps more frequently, averaging 120 sessions per month per app.

Although Gen Z’ers do spend a good bit of time with gaming apps–which command the most average time per month overall–they frequent non-gaming apps more often than previous generations. Social media apps like TikTok and Snapchat are strong contenders, as are finance apps and shopping apps.

The key message of the report comes from App Annie CEO Ted Krantz:  “Gen Z has never known a world without their smartphone. They see the world through this mobile first lens.” While this is probably intuitive information for many, it’s helpful to see it quantified.

We’ve already talked at length about the many reasons companies would be wise to invest heavily in building out their mobile app strategies, especially in light of the growing focus on work-from-home during the pandemic. If you ask us, reports like these give even more credence to the fact that investing in mobility is investing in the future of your company.

Unsurprisingly, this study shows that Gen Z’ers interact more regularly with their mobile devices than any generation to come before. While it may seem like you have plenty of time until your company is recruiting and training Gen Z’ers, the most senior of them are already entering the workforce, and many more will soon follow. Put another way? The time to invest in the tools and techniques that this newest generation will use is now. The better you understand the mobile app usage tendencies of Gen Z, the better prepared your company is going to be for the future of work.

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Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash