Think you know it all about securing the mobile apps your employees and others use? Think again.

As Daniel Hein explains in an article for Mobility Management Solutions Review, what you may have heard about mobile app security does not always align with the truth. In reality, while security is always a complicated affair, ensuring that your enterprise mobility program is secure does not need to be complicated.

In his blog post, Hein walks through five common mobile device security myths and debunks them one-by-one. While we recommend giving the whole article a read, the central message of his post is music to our ears. No, secure mobile application management solutions do not need to be invasive. It’s possible to properly secure devices even when they aren’t on your network. And there are myriad ways to keep devices safe if they end up in the wrong hands. We appreciate Hein’s approach, and in fact have heard many of the myths he describes in conversations with clients and potential customers.

Of course, if you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ve heard us say all of this before. Last year on our blog, we described how MAM can provide the app security you need without the overbearing hassle of an MDM solution. And more recently, with the launch of Group Containers on the App47 platform, customers have a way to secure their mobile apps without being tied to more restrictive approaches to mobility management.

The central message here is that, despite what you may think, securing your employees’ devices does not have to be restrictive and cumbersome. While doing so may have been difficult under old approaches to enterprise mobility, especially MDM, solutions like App47’s enable you to strike a balance between ease-of-use and proper security.

Have more questions about managing security in your mobile app management deployment? Looking for a better solution to device security than MDM? Contact us today–we’d love to hear from you!

Photo by Rob King on Unsplash