Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed a number of recent changes to the App47 platform, including the ability to export account data, the addition of single sign-on, the introduction of a brand new UI, and the launch of a new API, App47 APIv2. All of which is to say that it’s been a busy few months here on the App47 team.

Today’s announcement isn’t about a change we’ve already made; this one is forthcoming. We are revisiting how we package our agent libraries and are interested in your thoughts.

Here’s what we do know: our current agent technology is outdated, and we’re looking at ways to better package our agents and keep them up to date. We expect to transition to CocoaPods on iOS, and Maven on Android, in the next few weeks. As always, we’ll post here when we make the change.

We’re letting you know ahead of time to solicit feedback about what feature you’d like to see in this update. Do you have suggestions? Comments? Concerns? Feedback about this upcoming change? We’d love to hear what you have to say.

Get in touch via the comment section below, or via the contact us section of our website. We’ll gather your feedback to make for an even better update. We look forward to hearing from you!