Early this year, we announced some exciting news: that the App47 App Store was getting a new UI.

With the new release, we’ve changed the way users navigate, made the App Store reactive, refreshed the look, and added user reviews. These new features and look make the App Store easier to use and, we think, more useful overall. The review feature gives developers a direct line to user feedback, and the responsive framework means that users now know exactly what to expect across all of their devices.

There was, of course, a catch: the new UI was in beta when we announced it in January. Today, we’re pleased to be advancing the process by moving the UI to general availability. 

Early testers of the new UI have been very pleased with the update, and, paired with our internal testing, we’re confident that our users will be quite pleased with the new look and feel of the App47 App Store. In concluding our beta, we hope to have the new UI rolled out to all current customers very soon.

If you’ve reviewed the details of the new release and would like to migrate to the new UI, please click here to begin the migration process. Alternatively, if you have further questions about the release that you would like answered before migrating, please contact support@app47.com.

We hope to see you on the new UI soon!