This post concludes our series on mobility use cases. For previous parts in the series, see: IntroductionPart I (B2C)Part II (eCommerce); Part III (Enterprise).

Over the past few weeks, we’ve covered three big mobility use cases for the App47 platform.

From Gannett/USA Today using App47 to test apps amongst its affiliates and end users, to ProPack and others using App47 to bundle apps in an alternative to Google Play, to AmerisourceBergen using App47 to manage thousands of associates and dozens of apps, it’s clear that there are a lot of different ways to use our platform.

While these mobility use cases seem like they’re all very different—and in some ways, they are—they’re all united by one common technology: App47.

Our platform offers many feature sets and covers a wide variety of uses. Though B2C, eCommerce, and enterprise users all have different needs, many of the features they use are the same. They all want to develop apps in a secure environment, distribute apps safely, monitor and manage apps, view use cases, keep apps secure, and have a deep understanding of how apps are being used. And all of those are features offered by our platform.

Despite these very different users, very different businesses, and very different needs, this same set of technology is able to solve many different challenges at once. That’s the beauty of the App47 platform: it uses a core set of features to cover a variety of uses across many different businesses.

No matter what type of business you run or what your main app challenges are, chances are, you’re united around the fact that you need to test apps, monitor them, and keep them secure.

And that’s the point of this series. We cover nearly all of your mobile app management use cases at once.