“Corporate mobile app stores can go a long way to giving users the experience and choice they want, and putting IT back in control.”

That’s the conclusion of a recent article by Phil Barnett, VP of Global Accounts at Good Technology. His article, “Why the Corporate Mobile App Store is on the Rise,” gives a great look at what enterprise app stores can do well. The story is similar for a recent article by Ripyal Vyas, Founder and President of Softweb Solutions, who recently spelled out five key reasons for enterprises to have an app store.

All around the web, folks are singing the praises of the enterprise app store (EAS), and we’re here to tell you that we couldn’t agree more. There’s a lot to like about the EAS, and we’re glad to see so many people calling attention to it.

Using a combination of the great perspective these two articles bring to the table and our own experience, here are four big reasons why it’s time for you to get an enterprise app store:

  1. Self-service improves employee experience: As Barnett notes, self-service ensures that the end users get what they want quickly and effectively—an essential trait if you’re looking to maximize adoption rates in the short- and long-term. For businesses looking to maximize their impact and app usage, an EAS is an ideal solution.
  2. An EAS allows you to “reach the extended enterprise”: Barnett notes quite brilliantly that an effective EAS can help organizations reach not only employees, but also contractors, partners, distributors, and more. With a fully-branded, customizable app store, no one will ever know you’re going through a third party, and your business can be positioned as a useful authority on whatever space it is that you occupy. It never hurts to strengthen your business partnerships by helping out.
  3. The EAS is a quick, easy deployment method: Follow Vyas’ lead, you should aim to “have an EAS at the drop of a hat.” While MDM deployments are viewed as long, challenging development cycles, MAM/EAS provides quick, easy deployment for both the administrator and end user. If you ask us, there’s no better enterprise app distribution method than an EAS.
  4. Feedback makes you better: An EAS gives you an outlet for tracking feedback and analytics, which can have an immense impact when used correctly. Using the proper tools allows you to take the guesswork out of the equation and start fully utilizing the power of what mobile apps can bring to the table.

An enterprise app store won’t cure all evils, but it can certainly help make your business better in a wide variety of ways. It’s a secure, efficient, effective way to distribute mobile apps (whether they’re developed by you or others), and as we’ve discussed before, those apps can have real productivity gains across the enterprise.

So yes, it really is time for you to get an EAS. The enterprise app store is home to a wealth of opportunities for businesses of all kinds. What will you use it for?