Why App47?

That’s a question we were forced to confront recently. A company that uses App47 recently got a new CIO. He decided he wanted an app store–a feature of App47 that this client didn’t use–and in going through the due diligence process, he had a number of questions about the company’s relationship with us. Why us? Why App47?

Their situation is exactly where App47 shines. For privacy reasons, the CIO didn’t want to deploy an MDM. And, they have their own unique onboarding process that they want integrated into their solution. Around every turn, there’s a slight tweak the client wants to make to have a solution that truly feels custom. We know how to extend our platform into your environment and make sure everything makes sense.

We present this anecdote because, while we do some work with MDM vendors, App47 excels when there are specific requirements within the enterprise, like BYOD environments where MDM is precluded due to privacy concerns, or for companies that want deep customizations for an eCommerce-based app.

So: why App47? We’ll be the first to admit that we’re not the perfect tool for all occasions. But we’ll also be the first to say that, for many common situations–especially companies that need a custom deployment–the App47 platform is hard to beat.