One of the biggest advantages of an enterprise app store is that it’s similar in look, feel, and function to consumer-facing app marketplaces like Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Because users know what to expect and are familiar with the interface, enterprise app stores drive adoption and encourage self-service where available.

But an enterprise app store strategy is far more than just a re-skin of your existing apps. Or at least, it should be.

While App47’s enterprise app store doesgive you the ability to customize the branding of the store, it’s far more than a pretty repository of apps. From development, to onboarding, to version control, and everything in between, we give you the ability to fine-tune how your constituents use your apps, and report everything back through one streamlined interface. Our features add up to a self-service-friendly, tweakable platform that supports a wide variety of use cases.

Consider the example of a company that regularly works with data that is regulated under GDPR, placing strict limitations on the company’s ability to engage remote developers for a major new analytics and machine learning initiative.

An enterprise app store provides the perfect platform for rapidly onboarding new analysts, providing them with documentation for secure analytics applications and ensuring that a team that covers a wide geographic area is required to keep up with the latest updates and documentation.

As you can see, all these features add up to produce an enterprise app store that’s not just a download page, but a command and control center for driving mobile productivity across the organization. Sure, your app store may have a similar look and feel to consumer-facing app marketplaces, but configured properly, it can be a powerful window into your organization, and a great way to help you meet your business goals.

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Photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash