If it’s not already on your calendar, we hope you have a little pre-holiday bandwidth to join us at MoDevEast this Friday at Tyson’s Corner in Mclean, VA. If you’re all about mobile apps and websites, it’s pretty much a can’t miss.

App47 honchos Chris Schroeder and Andy Glover will be leading some presentations, and participating on some expert panels. Top of mind, among other topics, will be the importance of measuring application engagement to determine ROI.

This, Chris will tell you, is the imperative question we have to ask after sweating deployment and security.

“A classic case of ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’”, says Chris. “We’re seeing customers hyper-focused on standing up their apps and then making sure they’re secure, but they often don’t even realize that they then have the ability to truly determine whether or not the app is performing optimally.”

It’s a lot more than app usage rate or download rate; it’s about what users are doing within the app and how well they are performing with it. And the good news is that this is possible without crushing overhead or heavy compute cycles spent instrumenting your app. It can all stay lightweight.

If that sounds interesting, then we hope to see you Friday!

And don’t forget, the Hackathon is Saturday. Need an app so you can play? Ask us about Milton!