As we’ve done the last few years, we’re going to wrap up the end of the year with our outlook for 2016. And let us just say now: the New Year is shaping up to be a good one.

The biggest trend we see ahead for enterprise mobility next year is one we’re already starting to see in the deals we’ve won in 2015 and the new leads we’re talking to: that MDM isn’t fitting the bill. It’s not that MDM is broken or doesn’t work—it’s that people are realizing they need the right tool for the job.

MDM worked during the early stages of enterprise mobility adoption, but its utility has decreased as needs have become more complex. In an environment where employees have several devices each, MDM is cost-prohibitive because it’s paid per device. It’s also harder to deploy; the enterprise has to get the agent on every device, onboard each one of them, and get them integrated. What’s more, the restrictions are difficult to navigate. The MDM takes full control of the device—something that’s harder to overcome now that many devices are user-owned.

Long story short, today’s enterprises have new needs that they didn’t have even just five years ago. They’re looking for an easier way to deploy apps to employees, service providers, consultants, and other participants in the ecosystem. We’re already starting to see the effects of these changes on our pipeline and expect this shift to continue heading into 2016.

Another big change underway is the dawn of enterprise apps being built en masse, which in itself is driving a huge surge in demand for MAM. The speed at which the enterprise app marketplace grows sets the growth pace of MAM, and recently, it’s picked up a lot of steam.

New app-building platforms are allowing enterprises to build apps much faster and much more securely, while still meeting the complex security and IT requirements within the enterprise environment. (App47’s mantra for 2016 is largely centered on continuing to add more and more security features to our platform.)

Just as the surging pace of consumer app growth had a huge impact on the consumer market a few years ago, so too will this change of pace in the enterprise app market have a huge impact on related industries like MAM.

The continued growth of enterprise mobility has been so large that 2 Fortune 50 companies want to own the full experience—not just with employees, but all the way down to the consumer level—and are building their own app stores using the App47 platform to do so. They want to build and securely deploy their apps, and have full control of the branding experience. It’s an exciting time for these companies and an even more exciting team for us here at App47.

With these trends already impacting us today, there’s a lot of promising change in store for enterprise mobility in 2016. We look forward to seeing these predictions come to fruition, and we’re proud to be a part of this growing trend in the enterprise mobility space. Happy New Year!