Here at App47, continuous improvement is a key focus of ours. And one of the best ways to keep tabs on how to improve our product is to get out and have good conversations with our customers.

That’s exactly what we’ve been doing this year. While it’s tough to visit everyone, we’ve been trying to visit as many customers as we can. Even though there are still more to go, I thought it was worth discussing a few of the key takeaways we’ve heard thus far.

Here is what’s on our customers’ minds this year:

  • App development is ramping up: Though we’ve mentioned this before, a consistent theme across our conversations is more companies having more apps in development that will be deployed in 2018 and beyond. In that way, app development is continuing to pick up momentum.
  • Customers need customized solutions: Our customers range from small deployments from 100 up to over 150,000 users. A common theme amongst all of them is taking our “standard” solution, and asking for at least one customization. We can provide those customizations, and integrate our standard solution into their environment. Common requests include:
    • App store UI changes beyond simple styling and logo replacement
    • User onboarding integration with back office systems (this goes beyond standard SSO integration)
    • Support for single-purpose dedicated devices; that is, a device given to a group or organization to perform a specific function, rather than a mobile device given directly to an employee
  • Security is essential: Finally, this isn’t a new trend, but security is top-of-mind for most (if not all) App47 customers. A common theme is ensuring that only the right groups have access to the right apps in the right locations at the right times. Customers need and expect for this to be accomplished in both managed and unmanaged environments, i.e. MDM vs. BYOD.

As a bonus thank you to our current customers, we’d like to offer a discount to your current contract for a qualified referral. At your next renewal, we’ll discount your current contract 5% for one year if a qualified new customer signs up by December 31, 2017. If multiple qualified referrals are provided, the discount will be applied to a year for each referral.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.