Last week, the App47 team went to Atlanta for Enterprise Mobility Exchange 2015. We’re back, and we’re pleased to say it went very well.

Over the last few months, progress in enterprise mobility is all we’ve been talking about. We’ve been telling you for months that enterprise mobility is on the up-and-up—that demand is rising, that the number of enterprise apps is growing, and that more and more companies want MAM instead of MDM.

And that’s all well and good, but we know: nothing’s as good as hearing it from the source. Which is exactly what we did last week.

Unlike conferences of years past, we didn’t have to explain what MAM was in conversations with companies. We didn’t have to feed them questions and hope they’d find a need for mobile apps. Nor did we have to tell them the differences between MAM and MDM.

This event was different. The people we spoke with were educated about the space. They knew what their problems were and how a solution like App47 could solve them. They knew how important it is to have the right tool for the job. They asked us questions and we had in-depth conversations about the merits of MAM. They knew how critical security is in today’s sensitive environment.

Last week, more than any event in recent memory, we saw creativity and demand surrounding MAM. And we’re not just talking in abstracts—we’re talking real companies in need of real solutions.

All around us, customers are getting smarter. We don’t have to tell them why MAM and mobility in general are so important—they already know.

Enterprise Exchange Atlanta 2015, like Enterprise Mobility Exchange 2014 in Las Vegas, was a huge success. But this time, it was for a different reason. It only reinforced the idea we’ve been talking about for months on our blog: that enterprise mobility management is here in full force.