Last week, I talked about my mission at MobileCon: I had three minutes to make the case for MAM in a room full of savvy venture capitalists.

Getting right to the point, I tried to get right to the point. And I learned that in such a compressed timeframe, there’s little need for introductory pleasantries or back story. I barely got through my first slide when I glanced at my watch and saw that I had </drum_roll> 43 seconds left.

Yep, I spent over two minutes setting the stage for why Mobile Application Management (MAM) IS enterprise mobility when I had every intention of busting from the gate and simply saying that in no uncertain terms.

Well, no more Mr. Nice Guy. I know the blog medium gives me the means to stretch out a bit, and I’ll keep it brief, but I want to proclaim the core of my fast presentation with as much conviction as possible.

Mobile Application Management does not benefit Enterprise Mobility; Mobile Application Management IS Enterprise Mobility. As countless previous cycles of disruptive innovation have demonstrated, from web apps to operating systems to the Internet itself, management constitutes the enlightened wave of any technology. After the “shock of the new” has worn off, we embrace the revolution and then concentrate on getting it under control.

Mobile apps are no different. In fact, management is an even greater imperative in light of the need to address deployment, upgrades, analytics and security in today’s world of device diversity. For the enterprise, its the apps that unify a mobile presence.

Next time I have 3 minutes to make a point about MAM, I know I can skip the ramp up. Instead of taking three minutes, I can make my point in three seconds: “Don’t deploy then manage. Deploy and manage.”