Everyone’s talking about the long-awaited iPhone 5, especially from the consumer POV. Aside from a larger screen and thinner frame, however, we’re wondering how the device will impact enterprise mobile app development. App47 CEO Chris Schroeder had a good time discussing as much with Rich Mendis, co-founder of AnyPresence, a recently funded startup providing a mobile platform as service solution designed to accelerate enterprise mobile app builds.

Chris and Rich talk about the purported impact of the iPhone 5 and whether or not there’s value in upgrading to iOS 6, especially for developers. As Rich points out, developers certainly want to understand the phone’s new features, and need to be aware of refinements including resolution-independent apps that require graphic upscaling, and auto-layout that allows them to more precisely define UI and how elements scale on various screen sizes. That, perhaps, is even more intriguing as it suggests preparation for the arrival of the still mysterious iPad Mini.

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