Within the past 18 months, the corridors of Capitol Hill have seen Blackberry take a backseat to BYOD. When the Federal government first went mobile, field workers were outfitted with agency provisioned devices — usually at considerable expense, and with very exclusive distribution.

Today, Federal mobility is empowering staffers at every level, and at dramatically lower expense thanks to BYOD. Consumer devices have plunged in cost. More importantly, their processing power and ease-of-use have skyrocketed.

People love their smartphones and tablets. So if the device is secured with an MDM, what should your next steps be? Adding a MAM platform to help with app distribution and app security. That’s the progression taking place within the Beltway. Certainly it brings with it its own brand of security concerns, but the mobile enterprise application industry is proving to be mission ready.

App47 CEO Chris Schroeder discusses these changes, and the ways its challenges are being met, with Three Wire Systems CTO Paul Handly. Anyone with an interest in the intersection of mobility and security with the Federal workforce, especially at the application level, will want to listen in.