The reviews are in. Clients old and new are singing the praises of the most recent round of App47 solution enhancements. There are plenty of affirmations.

Some of our favorites:

  • “The new store capabilities are excellent. I’m taking advantage of them to make the store a little more enjoyable for my users, with featured apps, descriptions, etc.”
  • “Great UI improvements. It’s really fun to use.”
  • “Big thanks for getting Windows on board.” 

The positive waves are reinforcing what has been our strongest quarter yet. The new release momentum — coupled with enterprise mobility reaching a tipping point in terms of recognizing the value of Mobile Application Management — means good things for us as a company. Just as important, however, is the fact that MAM is earning praise not merely as another means of enterprise mobility management,  but also for its industry-specific advantages. We’re zeroing in on specific verticals that can really benefit from MAM; our forthcoming eBook will elaborate, but its been great to see our messaging acquire a sharper edge. We’re moving from a general emphasis on “recognizing importance of the entire mobile app lifecycle” to detailing specific solution sets that work well for government, pharmaceutical, healthcare, media, etc.

We’re going to talk about how MAM serves those specific verticals in the weeks and months ahead, and we’re certainly going to continue taking user feedback into account as we refine our platform. Thanks again to all our customers for helping us with those welcome improvements, and for being the big reason why more and more of us can realize the value of MAM.