Addressing mobile security is easy, right? You just assess the threats, determine your org’s vulnerabilities, and then apply the right risk management solution. Done, right?

Instead of generalities, we wanted to dig in to the reality of Mobile Risk Management (MRM); fortunately, we found some great experts who could drive that conversation — Tyler Lessard and Dan Ford, the CMO and CSO at Fixmo.

We’ve been working with Fixmo long enough to really appreciate their enlightened, reality-based approach to MRM. Dan and Tyler understand that mobility today is being shaped by massive, user-driven tides like CoIT and BYOD. They know that mobile devices are balancing personal and business responsibilities, and that users want more control while the enterprise still needs to focus on compliance and mitigation.

The days of locking down an entire device? Poof. Gone. Today, we need to think about monitoring corporate apps and protecting the data without compromising user experience or productivity.

That’s the mighty challenge of MRM. Click here to hear Dan and Tyler expound in detail.