If you’ve ever looked around your business and wondered how your mobility program stacks up to others, you aren’t alone. 

Thanks to a new survey from VDC Research (shared at Enterprise Mobility Exchange), we now have a “global” view of which industries are leading the way in mobility adoption.

So: how does your business stack up compared to companies in other industries? Take a look below:

  • Percentage of companies in a given industry actively using mobility solutions to support business intitatives:
    • Healthcare 44.4%
    • Retail 44.9%
    • Manufacturing 38.7%
    • Field Service 45.7%
    • Public Sector 40.8%
  • Percentage of companies evaluating new mobility concepts or opportunities:
    • Healthcare 36.8%
    • Retail 25.9%
    • Manufacturing 30.3%
    • Field Service 31.8%
    • Public Sector 34.4%
  • Percentage of companies with no mobility solutions, and no plans to implement one:
    • Healthcare 6.3%
    • Retail 3.4%
    • Manufacturing 10.3%
    • Field Service 1.7%
    • Public Sector 6.4%

We see a lot of good news in here that confirms what we’re seeing with our customers. Mobility has a strong presence in field service, healthcare, and retail. Perhaps surprisingly, the public sector has quite a bit of mobility in its midst. And, fortunately, non-participation rates north of 10% in an industry are the exception, not the norm. 

While we’d like to see more mobility efforts in manufacturing and the public sector, in general, this survey confirms what we’ve said in recent weeks, which is that mobility adoption is trending the right direction across most industries. 

So: how do your company and industry stack up?