Since joining App47, I’ve been laser focused on mobility; consequently, I’m pleased to announce that a new mobile development series has debuted on IBM developerWorks! The inaugural article, ”A gentle introduction to Android”, begins by exploring the mobile landscape and introduces how to get started with Android app development.

As the article summary states:

The mobile landscape is rich with promise, and Android is a viable and exciting platform for developers who seek a way in. This new series starts with an introduction to Android that is tailored specifically for Java developers just getting started with mobile. Learn about Android’s three-layer versioning system (and find out why it matters), then set up your development environment and build your first Android app.

IBM DeveloperWorks Mobile for the Masses: A Gentle Introduction to Android

So what are you waiting for? Check out ”Mobile for the masses: A gentle introduction to Android” and learn the ins and outs of Android development! Stay tuned for more articles to come and don’t forget to watch for mobile focused articles on this blog as well.