Over the last few weeks, we’ve covered the three most common software deployment models in use today: the public cloud, on-premise, and managed service. Each deployment model got its own detailed post, but we get it—sometimes you just want a simple, no-frills breakdown of how different options compare.

To lay things out and give you a clear idea of the different software deployment models available here at App47, we thought we’d take a moment to put together a table so that you can see exactly how the three deployment models we offer compare to one another.

Have a look below to see which model should work best for you:

[table tablesorter=”o” class=”table table-border”]

“”,Public Cloud,On-Premise,Managed Service

Pricing,Least expensive; license is subscription-based,”Most expensive; license is one-time and client also pays for infrastructure (servers, routers, network, backup…)”,Middle-of-the-road; subscription-based license but slightly more expensive than public cloud

Deployment Time,Shortest deployment time; can be deployed in a matter of minutes,Longest deployment time; deployment can take weeks,”In-between; deployment usually takes days, not weeks”

Performance,”Some potential for performance issues; in rare instances, other clients’ usage can slow your performance”,Performance is generally strong; speed will depend on hardware you purchase for use in your facility,Good performance; performance should not be affected by usage of other clients on the same server

Accessibility,Highly accessible; can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection,Accessibility depends on configuration; will need more complicated setup to be accessible outside the firewall,Highly accessible; can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection

Ease of Use,Extremely easy to use; no configuration required by the client,”Relatively speaking, most difficult to deploy; client must configure, install, and maintain all hardware and software”,Extremely easy to use; no configuration required by the client

Security,”Relatively speaking, the least secure; though cloud itself is secure, there is some possibility of data leakage in very rare instances”,Most secure; all data is housed within client’s facility,”In-between; data is still hosted on the cloud, but is logically separated to prevent data leaks”


Have any questions about any of the software deployment models you see here, or interested in learning more about which deployment solution makes the most sense for your business? Let us know here in the comments or via our site’s contact form. We deal with these types of questions every day, and would love to help you figure out which option makes the most sense in helping your business with mobile application management.