Our “Sweet Sixteen” edition of What’s Appening features a spirited conversation with Greg Mummah, product manager for mobility solutions at Rocket Software. Our always engaging CTO Andy Glover conducts the interview, which takes a hard look at how mobility has changed the way IT is responding to today’s users. The discussion begins with an examination of the “in-house skills gap” defined by old-school COBOL-savvy developers on one side (who probably blink when asked to develop a mobile solution), and the new waves of developers fresh from school who wouldn’t know a mainframe from a mouse.

So can you mobilize a COBOL system? Can you slap them on a mobile enterprise solution and go? Not typically, because they have COBOL back-end code that’s inaccessible to a cloud service — for starters.

What’s the answer? Listen in and find out! (36 mins)