The mobile appdev community is understandably intrigued by the acquisition of app data usage and revenue data tracking provider TestFlight, by in-app ad management platform Burstly.

Looks like a good match with respect to consumer focused apps, but we need to chime in on the distinctions with respect to the mobile enterprise.

Democratizing data and monetizing user behavior is all the rage, but that simply doesn’t translate well to enterprise. In fact, in a sector where security is a priority, and proprietary info should command close-to-the-vest control, it doesn’t translate at all.

If you’re building a mobile enterprise app, it’s imperative to understand that the information you extract with respect to monitoring performance and ROI is your data — first and last. We would think that any organization that does its homework will realize who owns its data, and who should capitalize on its visibility.

For free social games, a user might be all too happy to make their info available. But for the enterprise? We’d encourage any company to seek a mobile app management solution that lets leadership maintain control — in terms of performance, deployment and monetization — over its data without compromise.