There’s good news in the enterprise mobility space: demand continues to grow for enterprise mobile apps. 

For its new report, “Annual Mobile App Development Report 2017,” outsourced app development firm ContractIQ surveyed over 4,000 app development agencies it works with–all in the name of getting a snapshot of demand for mobile apps in the enterprise.

Here’s what they found:

  • Enterprise demand for custom app development has increased year-over-year since 2014: from 23%, to 29%, to 32% over the last three years leading to 2016
  • More companies are relying on ROI calculations when developing new apps. 30% of companies that built apps in 2015 had revenue goals; in 2016, that number jumped to 60%
  • 44.2% of app development firm customers say the understand mobile; 30.1% say it’s a commodity; 25.7% say they need guidance
  • Just 8% of developers believe we’re beyond the “peak of apps,” while 20% are unsure
  • A majority (54%) of app developers believe wearables are a niche market and will continue to be one heading into the future

The report paints a positive picture of the mobile app development space, but there’s still room to grow. Despite increases in demand for custom app development, and increased attention to ROI, there are still many companies who don’t understand mobile, and a large number who have a ways to go until they reach maturity.

We’re happiest to see the growing commitment to ROI. Just like any other business initiative, we believe strongly that mobile app development should be tied to ROI–and our platform can help you track it

A more mature enterprise mobile app space can only be a good thing as far as we’re concerned. If you’re a part of the growing number of companies looking to get involved in enterprise mobile, contact us today and let us know. We’d love to help get you started.