In a perfect world, companies would be able to move from ideation to execution of a mobile app program in a matter of days. But, as anyone who’s ever implemented a company-wide program knows, there are bound to be challenges and obstacles that extend the process.

In a recent piece for WhaTech, writer Vipin Jain discussed three common problems that are critical to the employment of enterprise mobility: security, speed, and real-time access to data. Though we don’t claim to have all the answers, we think we have some pretty good responses to his concerns. Here’s how the App47 platform can help organizations of all sizes address enterprise mobility’s biggest challenges:

  1. Security: Unlike MDM solutions that place restrictions at the device level, a mobile application management (MAM) solution like App47 places restrictions at the app level. This eliminates concerns about trying to secure entire employee-owned devices, or locking down data that needn’t be locked down. Detailed user and version control allows IT managers to monitor who is using apps and how, and enables them to make changes on the fly.
  2. Speed: We won’t staff the developers to build your app, but we do give them a simple platform on which to test and deploy apps. After building out the final version of the app, users in the enterprise can join App47, search the app store, and download an app or apps in a matter of mere minutes. We try very hard to maintain an experience just like commercial app stores so that your users know exactly what to expect.
  3. Real-time access to data: What good is a mobility program if you can’t track performance, change permissions, or update app versions in real time? IT managers using the App47 platform have full access to crash logs, geodata, and usage data that’s updated in real time. We’ve made it as simple as possible to monitor your applications and users, and then make changes on the fly should you need to do so.

Though there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to enterprise mobility, solutions like ours are a good fit at organizations across industries and areas of expertise. Whatever solution you end up deploying within your organization, we can certainly agree with Jain: you would be well suited to prioritize security, speed, and real-time access to data as you search for the best way to execute an enterprise mobility plan.