Here at App47, we write about mobile app security a lot. And for good reason: while the popularity of mobile apps and devices has had a tremendous impact on productivity in and out of the office, those same devices and apps are also an ever-growing threat vector for unsuspecting employees and companies with inadequate policies for managing security threats.

In a recent TechTarget article, industry expert Reda Chouffani argues that a robust mobile security policy is critical in today’s environment. As Chouffani notes, security policies these days need to be living and breathing–it simply isn’t enough to send out a list of security expectations and then hope that employees will make the right decisions. Good security takes real effort, and while policies ought to be specific and detailed in outlining what is allowed and what is expected, organizations also need to take care to ensure employees have the resources they need to be successful.

We recommend reading the full article for a detailed look at specific recommended policy inclusions, but his takeaway is good: a strong written security policy sets a good foundation for companies, but it’s up to company leadership to set clear expectations and ensure that employees are properly prepared to manage and report security threats in and out of the workplace.

Of course, anyone who’s spent much time on our blog will know that managing today’s threats takes much more than just written policy. Strong security takes a good security plan, the technology to manage it, and, like the TechTarget article suggests, a corporate culture that prioritizes security and empowers employees to make good choices. None of these elements on their own is enough these days, so evaluating your security capabilities, it’s best to take a step back and evaluate things at the global level rather than honing in on specific elements and hoping they will suffice.

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Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash