If you’re wondering how best to build employee buy-in for your enterprise mobility program, the first place you should look is your enrollment/onboarding process.

Put another way: the onboarding process is most employees’ first touch point with your EMM program. If it isn’t simple and easy to follow, you’re already starting the relationship on the wrong foot.

So: what does the ideal EMM enrollment process look like? In our minds, the process should:

  • Be self-service: The single best way to make the onboarding experience as simple as possible is to allow employees to self-enroll. Enabling self-enrollment, as opposed to manually adding and inviting users, makes the EMM onboarding process more familiar and empowers employees to join your program at their own pace. 
  • Mimic the consumer experience: We always recommend that enterprise mobile apps mimic consumer apps in terms of UX. This applies to the onboarding process, too. Employees want to give as little information as possible (think signing up for Twitter), so try your best to simplify enrollment. The more information you require, the less likely it is employees will take the time to register on their own. 
  • Take as little time as possible: This ties right in with the previous point. How long are you willing to spend registering and getting familiar with an app? 30 seconds? A minute? 10 minutes? Attention spans are short these days. Streamlining the onboarding process and taking as little time as possible is essential to successfully building buy-in. 
  • Integrate with other company systems: Finally, when possible, EMM enrollment should integrate with other company systems. To this end, App47 recently added SSO capabilities to its platform. Signing up users is a breeze when enrollment is woven into other systems they already use in daily work.  

You care about first impressions in just about every other situation–why wouldn’t you put the same level of care towards your users’ first experience with your company’s mobility program?

At App47, we’ve put a great deal of effort into making our onboarding process as streamlined as possible for your employees. Self-service enrollment is a prominent feature of the App47 App Store, and we’re always striving to improve the process. 

Want to learn more about the App47 platform, or about what you could be doing differently in your EMM program? Get in touch with us via the comments, or contact us today–we’d love to hear from you!