According to a PYMNTS survey about mobile banking apps, more than a third of consumers are frustrated by a lack of functionality with the apps they use.

PYMNTS, a news site with a focus on the future of payments and commerce, recently conducted a survey for its 2021 “Mobile Banking App Playbook,” which takes a closer look at what’s working and what isn’t in the most popular mobile banking apps of today.

PYMNTS surveyed nearly 2,600 customers for the report, and found that a large number of consumers are unhappy with the level of difficulty in performing various banking functions. For older customers using banking apps, complaints were largely function-related (e.g. it’s difficult to pay bills) while for Millennials and Gen Z, app speed and intuitiveness were top-of-mind.

We recommend giving the full report a read, as it’s a fascinating look into what consumers like and don’t related to the mobile banking apps they use every day. But we also think that even this consumer-focused report can teach your business a thing or two about the types of apps it designs and selects for its employees to use.

Now, we of course understand that mobile banking apps are a relatively niche section of the market. They probably also differ significantly from the apps you use in your business every day. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the lessons from this survey.

The key takeaway for us here is that user experience must be a top concern for you when designing and developing apps for your business (or curating public apps for your enterprise App Store). And that’s a lesson that holds true whether you’re in banking, manufacturing, healthcare, or any of the hundreds of different industries in between.

PYMNTS’ list of consumer gripes with mobile banking apps is chock full of basic banking functions–opening new accounts, depositing checks, sending money to friends or relatives. Think of basic functions that you hope your apps will perform for your employees and other constituents. Have you considered how easy those tasks actually are to accomplish for the people using your apps? Have you ever consulted app analytics and reviews to see how people interact with your apps? Surveyed them to get a better sense of their frustrations and likes?

As we’ve said time and time again here on our blog, mobile apps are a terrific way to increase productivity within your company and can help open new doors. But that’s only if they work well and perform the functions they should.

This recent PYMNTS survey is a good reminder of just how important it is to ensure that your apps are as good as you think they are for performing work. If basic tasks are difficult to accomplish, your end users will get frustrated and may well quit using your app or apps altogether. So when designing and curating your apps, choose accordingly. Your users will thank you!

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash