If you’re in Seattle for MoDevTablet, you can expect three things: cloudy skies, great coffee, and plenty of enterprise app dev insight from our CTO, Andy Glover. He’s on the schedule a full four times over the next few days, with a series of workshops speaking to diverse, but increasingly essential subjects including HTML 5, Android, data migration to the cloud, and the cloud application platform Heroku.

Each session, Lickety Split HTML 5 Apps, 3-2-1 Android, Data in the Cloud, and Up and Running with Heroku, will feature three 15-minute labs. There will be plenty of interactive action, as well as insight and expertise delivered in Andy’s especially engaging style.

A big industry shift that’s top-of-mind at this year’s MoDevTablet? There’s a lot more interest in Android. As Andy has been quick to point out, last year the tablet was iPad and iPad only. Now, it’s evolving into a duopoly — there’s a lot more excitement around alternative platforms (hence the increased interest in HTML 5!). Last year’s Apple monopoly meant everyone was basically building native apps. Now, however, developers are well-served taking the time to understand the Android side of the equation!

Other key points on Andy’s radar: the evolving mobile back-end, and putting data in the cloud. We’re putting apps in the cloud because of its inherent scalability.  We might as well scale the data as well. The cloud just makes more and more sense.

And of course the growing HTML 5 momentum is reinforced by Amazon’s recent announcement that they will support those apps in their app store (just like App47!) It’s the first consumer channel that enables you to iconofy an HTML 5 app.

So, there’s plenty of buzz in Seattle the next three days. Sure, attribute some of it to great java, but give more credit to all the energy around enterprise mobility at MoDevTablet.