Last year, we announced that we were working on a handful of changes to our agent technology. Today, we’re pleased to report that these changes (plus a few others) are live.

Although we hinted at what was coming down the pipeline in that post last year, here’s what went out the door this week:

  • Data wipe for all agents: While you can’t delete entire apps off of users’ phones through App47, this update does allow you to remotely wipe all app data for all agents under your management. 
  • Simplified data upload: Although your end users won’t see this update, they’ll certainly notice its effects. We simplified data upload from the agent with an updated upload algorithm, which means less time uploading data, and less battery and cellular data usage. 
  • Dynamic configuration: Before this release, the 6 or 7 app configuration parameters you set with an app release were somewhat set in stone; if you wanted to change them, you had to release a new app version. Users often took months to update their apps, which delayed configuration changes significantly. Under this App47 update, however, app configuration is easier, and elements that previously required an app update can now be changed on the fly, greatly simplifying app setup and maintenance. 
  • Updated PhoneGap: We updated our PhoneGap plugin with all new agent technology to provide increased support to PhoneGap based apps. 
  • Framework implementation and CocoaPods on iOS. On iOS, we finally moved to a framework implementation, which allows both for easier inclusion in your iOS project, and also allows refinement from Apple to trim down the size of your app. CocoaPods allows you to easily put your agent in our app. 

Changes to agent technology may not be the most exciting product updates out there, but these changes do make a big difference in customer experience, ease of use, and ongoing app maintenance. 

If you have feedback or questions about these changes to our agent technology, let us know! And, if you’re just getting started exploring App47, don’t forget that it’s easy to start a 30-day free trial