App Wrapping in the CloudWe’ve been talking about mobile app security and cloud-based app wrapping for the last couple of weeks.

Well–cue scene from Frankenstein–it’s alive!!!

The App47 team has been hard at work for the last couple of months getting all the pieces in place, triple-checking all the features, and making sure that everything is super easy to use. (Actually, our product manager is worried that we’ve made things too easy.)

With a few simple clicks, you can take your newly-developed, unsecured, unmanaged mobile app, upload it to App47, and easily re-sign the app, capture session and crash logs, and enforce advanced security policies like jailbreak detection. It’s so easy that you might not think there’s much to it until you see it in action.

Trust us on this one: there’s a lot of great tech and features behind that easy-to-use UI.

We’re happy that these new features are live and hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we think you will!

App Wrapping in the Cloud

Don’t believe us? Sign up for a demo and let us show you how easy it is to apply everything we’ve been talking about.

Photo by on Unsplash