To brine or not to brine? That is one of many questions. And let’s just avoid the whole “stuffing vs. dressing” debate. If you’re looking for culinary answers, there’s a cornucopia of great apps to help you with everything from recipe searches and wine pairings to shopping list management and food-coma coping strategies. And along with all things bird-based, there are other apps to help you survive road trips (both finding good routes, and keeping squirrely little ones occupied).

We found lists of a few apps that might come in handy the next few days. Enjoy! And from everyone at App47, have a happy, safe Thanksgiving.

  • Find some great road-trip apps here, courtesy of CoolMomTech (and who’s going to argue with such an on-point name?)

And if you’re among the saner folk who don’t plan to camp out in front of a store for Black Friday, you can still get your shopping on thanks to a slew of specialized apps.