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Last week, we began the wind-down in our monthlong series about mobile app security with a discussion of 4 new security threats on the horizon that you ought to be aware of (and how App47 is addressing these threats).

While we wish the list of security threats ended there, sadly, it doesn’t. Our team keeps a close eye on threats to mobile apps in the enterprise, and the list of threats grows every day. As we wrap up our series, here are 4 more emerging security threats we’re keeping an eye on:

  1. Keylogging: Mobile operating systems offer a way to add keyboards to enhance user experience. (Who doesn’t want more emojis?) This is a common attack vector for digital thieves, as the code supplying the keyboard can also capture what is typed in by the user.
  2. Screenshots: Apps often display sensitive information that should not be easily ex-filtrated from the app. One easy way to extract information from an app is in the form of a screenshot.
  3. External screen sharing: When an app enters the background on iOS, a screenshot of the app is created to increase the user experience when the app is brought to the foreground again. This screenshot can be used to extract sensitive data.
  4. Overlay attacks (Android only): An overlay attack happens when an attacker places a window over a legitimate application on the device. Users will interact with the window, thinking they are performing their intended function, but they are actually engaging with the attacker’s overlay window and executing the attacker’s desired function.

No solution is ever perfect, but having a full picture of today’s threats, and how to address them, is an essential first step. And, as we mentioned last week, the App47 team is currently hard at work preparing to release an update that will address these concerns, and more.

Tune in next week for a recap of our series on security, including some key takeaways about how App47 is addressing today’s security concerns. And of course, you’re always encouraged to reach out to our sales team to schedule a demo of App47.

Photo by blurrystock on Unsplash