Rob Patey wrote a blog post earlier this week equating Mobile Device Management with the Man of Steel himself. He conjures up cool imagery, with mobility playing something of an IT nemesis — but a noble nemesis that will ultimately benefit users.  As he says:

Users aren’t trying to overthrow ITs sovereignty as part of some nefarious scheme, they are merely trying to get more work done with the technology they are most comfortable with. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) offers untold potential for organizations, and IT can serve this new nirvana of productivity assuming they bring the right super powers to the battle.

The hero that will make this happen, according to Patey, is MDM, and in the post, he lists several super powers that allow MDM to save the day, such as device visibility, speed of mobility implementation, and powerful security

Fair points, but allow us to drop a bit of Kryptonite and assert that there is another champion, a Dark Knight of mobility that is arguably as effective, if not more so — Mobile Application Management (MAM).

For MAM, the power emanates from the app itself, not the device. MAM’s abilities give users a proverbial utility belt of unprecedented command and control over their enterprise mobility.

What’s in that MAM utility belt?

  • Welcome multiplatform compatibility  A diverse realm of tablets smartphones, and at-odds operating systems fall in line throughout an organization, creating a world where almost every device can play in peace.
  • Truly secure distribution and testing   In addition to moving app dev ahead at the speed of Bruce Wayne’s Lamborghini, MAM means getting apps to the right users, and determining how well they perform out on the street almost immediately.
  • Accurate usage tracking   What good is a great app if nobody is using it? MAM is always there, keeping an eye on app effectiveness to accurately assess ROI.
  • Easy update delivery   Like Commissioner Gordon activating the Bat Signal, users are aware of fresh versions, prompted to upload to ensure optimal performance.
  • Fast crash resolution   Some Joker disrupting app performance? You know right away, and can scramble the right fix, right away.
  • Capture of ultra-granular performance metrics   MAM brings you a Batcave full of data that reveals every nuance of how, where, and when an app is used. Great for gauging ROI and even optimizing monetization.

The great thing about Superman and Batman is that they square off against a common challenge — making the most of enterprise mobility. The former might be great in the the idealized daylight of Metropolis, but if you’re operating in the gritty, real-world streets of Gotham City, you might want to call on the Caped Crusader of MAM.