Few things in life are better than a summer vacation. 

Whether you’re cracking open a cold one and kicking your feet up on the porch, or leaving on a jet plane to somewhere exotic, chances are, there’s an app that can help make you vacation more enjoyable.

With summer on our minds, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite apps for making the most of your summer vacation. Take a look at our list below:

  1. SkyViewIf you and your family love the outdoors, you should definitely check out SkyView. When you point your phone at the night sky, the app points out stars, constellations, satellites, and even the International Space Station (if it’s in the area). It’s a wonderful experience, and a great use of technology that’s fun to share with the whole family. 
  2. TripCaseOn the other end of the spectrum, if hopping on a plane and heading to a faraway location is your idea of a fun vacation, TripCase, which organizes all of your travel plans and itineraries in one place, ought to be on your phone. From airport maps to recommendations on where to park, TripCase is like having a travel agent in your pocket. 
  3. GrillTimeAlways guessing when that burger is done? How long you should cook that corn on the grill? GrillTime is a simple, easy to use app the puts all your timers in one place and helps you keep a close eye on whatever you’re cooking up for friends and family. 
  4. Along the Way: If you have a road trip in your future, don’t miss Along the Way, which points out destinations–from coffee shops to campgrounds–along your route to your destination. Unlike Apple Maps, which has been known to provide off-the-beaten-path recommendations, Along the Way takes care not to take you too far off the route you already have planned. 
  5. UVLensWhether you’re pale-skinned and trying to avoid a sunburn, or you’re bronzed and looking to maintain that tan of yours, UVLens is a helpful tool. It hones in on your location and tells you the UV risk in the area. Especially if you have young kids, this is a handy tool for ensuring no one gets burnt to a crisp. (Just don’t forget your sunscreen!)

No matter where you’re headed, we hope these apps make your summer vacation pleasant and enjoyable. See you in the fall!