At the end of each year, like everyone else, we turn our focus to next year. Where do we go from here?

Today, with New Year’s Eve just a day away, I’d like to take some time to highlight a few key areas that we at App47 will be focused on in 2021. While this doesn’t cover everything we’re working on, you’ll see that it’s still a pretty hefty list regardless.

Top of mind, as it always should be, is security. We’ve made great strides with App47 regarding app security, and we plan to continue to add more security features like geofencing, app execution, and user ID exchange between the App Store and installed app. The last feature, user ID exchange, will mean that the installed and managed app can obtain the username and email from the App Store installed on the same device. You’ll also get device status, PIN code verification, and many other great security features.

Another way we plan to enhance security is by adding key security features to App47 portal access. New SSO integration will mean that you’re able to connect your App47 account with your enterprise SSO vendor, which ensures that portal administrators only have access when they should. We’ll also be adding multi-factor authentication to the portal in the event that SSO is not possible for your team.

Finally, outside of the security realm, we have some exciting features–the biggest being that Enterprise App Store UI V3 is now the supported version. As we’ve discussed before, our App Store UI V2, and the original V1, are no longer supported, which will allow us to continue bringing great new features to your enterprise App Store experience, including App Store analytics. Much like analytics for our apps, you’ll be able to see usage, geographical location, download events, and usage by users when they are in the App Store.

As you can see, there’s a lot to be excited about as we look forward to 2021. We think that all of our planned updates–small and large–will contribute to an even better user experience, and look forward to sharing these new features with you.

And with that, we wrap up 2020 with our last blog post of the year. Happy New Year, and here’s to better things ahead!

Photo by Krissana Porto on Unsplash